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Home - Philip Bull md, Consultant Surgeon

Dr Bull's Clinic

Competence Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

Welcome to the Dr Bull’s Clinic in Vienna.

Dr Bull’s Clinic in Sievering and in Heiligenkreuzerhof is a surgical outpatient clinic offering state-of-art diagnosis and treatments for the fields of phlebology (diagnosis and treatment of venous disease), proctology (diseases of the ano-rectum) and gastrointestinal ailments.

Dr. Bull, is a Consultant Surgeon in visceral and vascular surgery, is skilled in providing day-care surgery in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for endoscopic or venous treatment under local anaesthesia and/or sedo-analgesia.

Our services encompass treatments such as endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and Duplex-assisted haemorrhoidal ligature or laser ablation, gastrointestinal endoscopy and colonoscopy in sedation.


Dr Bull

Where to find us


The Sievering Clinic

The Sievering Clinic is situated in the heart of the private medical services in Vienna with Rudolfiner Hospital just across the street. It is a surgical outpatient clinic offering state-of-art diagnosis and treatments for the fields of phlebology (diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease), proctology (diseases of the rectum) and gastrointestinal diseases.


City Clinic in Heiligenkreuzerhof

You can also visit us at our private clinic in the centre of the city. Heiligenkreuzerhof offers great access just a few minutes from St Stephen and sufficient parking area at Schwedenplatz. Walking distance from the U1 Stephanplatz and U1 U4 Schwedenplatz . The office is at street level and fully accessible for patients with disability.



Venous Disease Centre

Chronic venous insufficiency or CVI is a medical condition where the veins cannot pump enough blood back to the heart. It is sometimes referred to as an "impaired musculovenous pump", this is due to damaged or "incompetent" valves. Are your veins pumping out, your skin discoloured, legs swelling, feeling heavy or crampy: if your legs feel uncomfortable, get a vascular check-up. It does not hurt.


Centre for Proctology

The Clinic together with Consultants from the Vienna University Clinic offers advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services including robotic colorectal surgery for disorders of the colon, rectum, anus and pelvic floor within a friendly and reassuring environment. The Rapid Access Proctology Clinic reduces waiting time and improve public and professional awareness of the need for early detection and treatment of colorectal lesions


Endoscopy Centre

The Endoscopy Centre performs a comprehensive range of endoscopic procedures that allow both diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, such as peptic ulcers, polyps, inflammation and tumors. It is professionally committed to ensuring that your experience with us is relaxed and worry-free, from consultation through recovery. To assist us, we ask that you read our guidelines carefully.



Endovenous Laser Treatment

Endovenous laser treatment is a procedure to treat larger varicose veins in the legs. A laser fibre is passed through a thin tube (catheter) into the vein. While doing this, the doctor watches the vein on a duplex ultrasound screen. Laser is less painful than vein ligation and stripping, and it has a shorter recovery time. Only local diluted anaesthesia is needed with mild sedation for this laser treatment.


Laser-assisted Haemorrhoidectomy

The Clinic offers the newest laser technology for surgical treatment assisted with Duplex sonography for internal haemorrhoids. The procedure permits a smoother, less painful and faster recovery. The affected area is treated with pinpoited laser energy to the affected haemorrhoid and the problem is solved within a few minutes. Patients can resume their normal lives immediately after surgery.


Pit Picking and Laser-assisted sinusectomy

The Endoscopy Center is professionally committed to ensuring that your experience with us is relaxed and worry-free, from consultation through recovery. To assist us, we ask that you read and comply with all our guidelines. Endoscopic laser-assisted sinusectomy shows a low recurrence rate and marsupilisation of the wound a prompt healing. Following this procedure patients can return to work shortly afterwards. Mild discomfort while the procedure is performed in local analgesia is corrected with light sedation and with over the counter pain killers in the immediate postoperative period.

To request an appointment at Dr Bull’s Clinic fill out the Online form  and click “Send Form.” We will contact you only if the scheduled appointment has to be postponed or amended. If you do not feel comfortable with this method just call 01 328 8777 or 01 512 2458  we will be there for you.

Please note: This request form is not intended as a tool for reporting a medical emergency or medical problem. It will not go to a physician and is only monitored during normal business hours. If you have critical or timely information, please contact a physician directly. If you have a medical emergency, call 112.

Patient Information

We provide outpatient care for the patients referred by their general practitioner (GP) with all types of problems. The staff in the clinic understand that it may take courage to attend, especially when you are feeling worried or anxious. Our aim is that you leave the clinic as reassured as possible. We want your visit to be a friendly and helpfull experience.

To make your admission process to the Clinic as smooth and stress-free as possible please review your patient information guide.